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e46 rhd turbo kits

now formally released  ***full*** bolt on conversions for right hand drive bmw e46 M52 - M54 (320/323/325/328/330) 
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After over 5 years in development and testing we're now proud to announce our fully bolt on turbo conversions for the 6 cylinder BMW E46 models.
No universal intercooler kits or DIY exhaust down-pipe kits, everything is pre-built ready for a direct installation, you can even choose to have the down-pipe fit up to your factory exhaust system!
Tailor your conversion for your power targets and build budget!


BMW MS42 / MS43 Custom Remapped ECUs
E46 E39 E38 X5 Z3 Z4

BERTZ Coding and Customs In house Dyno, track & road tuned Performance Remaps. 
  • These ECUs will come with the EWS coding deleted for plug and play fitment.
  • Fitting is very quick and simple for most models and only takes a few minutes.
  • Increase in HP and Torque (15-28hp dependent on model)
  • Add special feature like launch control and rolling anti-lag.
  • Raised limiters with hard-cut options.
  • Wider torque curve.
  • Sharper throttle response.
  • Post cat sensor delete (for de-catted cars)
  • Lower 98*C Thermostat operating temp.
  • Decel overrun for a little extra crackle and pop (Optional)
  • Track, road and Dyno proven! (don't be fooled by others on the market)
                      £200.00 inc UK P&P


Replace your sloppy factory BMW shift assembly with a precision made chassis mounted short shifter. Removing the shift assembly and fitting the shifter directly to the body of the car removes all the play in the bushings and allows for a direct feeling shift with much improved feedback.

With the needle roller linkage pivot and high grade rose jointed shift rod shifting is more silky smooth than ever, along with the adjustable height and throw you'll be able to adjust for the perfect shift!

Pre-order now for 20% OFF    £180 inc UK shipping (RRP £220)

BMW E46 Dash 3 Gauge Pod 

Our custom made triple gauge dash pods are based on OEM parts and now available in our store to buy.


ECU Remapping

With the latest in specialist, licensed remapping equipment and file tuning, 
applied with 16 years electrical programming and 8 years ECU remapping experience... We offer you a perfect example of the industry's finest customtuning.

Custom tuning

We offer all services necessary to provide a full tuning experience.
From ECU customization to custom exhaust manifolds, from Nitrous Oxide to Custom bracing. Have a project in mind? email and chat to us about it.

custom MODULE programming

Main dealers may charge serious money for simple extra option settings or for settings changes in preexisting features.
We have the hardware and software to adapt settings for most vehicles.

Custom Fabrication

BERTZ Customs originates from a family foundation of Motorsport engineers and fabricators... Equipped with all the tools and experience required to work with stainless, titanium, aluminium and other alloys for all your custom requirements,

vinyl wrapping

With a collective of nearly 30 years vinyl wrapping between us... we've got you covered.

We are also official retailers of:
3M, Arlon and Avory

nitrous oxide

For the safest and most cost effective bolt on power.
Filling services in planning stages 

custom in car entertainment

We have a fully functional woodwork and fiberglass workshops where we can cater for all custom ICE installations.

Advantages of our service


Whether its for occasional track day use or for a full race spec vehicle, we will have the right solution with a long family history within the pinnacles of Motorsport development and manufacture. 

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With a full range of diagnostics equipment from the old to the new including main dealer software, we will be sure to find the problem.
As we do not perform repairs / servicing in house you can rely on us to give an honest diagnosis. 

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Did you know your vehicle may have hidden features? Some dealers would heavily charge for features that we can also enable... For non dealer prices.

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You'll find that BERTZ Customs is always on the competitive edge with pricing. If its cheaper somewhere else... its not the same product. Be assured although our prices are most competitive, so are our standards of quality!

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Thinking of getting a remap to update your vehicles performance but have two cars?
If the vehicles are located at the same location we will discount 15% off any additional cars!

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