Terms & Conditions

Please read and understand our terms and conditions before placing your order, to show you have read and understood the terms and conditions a tick box will need to be enabled to complete any orders. Enabling this option means you accept these terms laid out below. Any break in the agreed terms and conditions may result in your order being delayed.

1.All sales are final.
2.Cancellation of orders can only be taken within the first 24 hours of the order being made and on the conditions that:
   2.1 The order is for a non custom item.
   2.2 The order is for a non sales item.
   2.3 The item was not ordered with VIP dispatch
   2.4 Work has already started on your order.
3. We do not give refunds on orders after the 24 hour period unless the item is covered by a money back warranty.
4. Money back warranties are for items stated to have this specific warranty only.
5. Modified software remains the intellectual property of BERTZ Customs.
6. BERTZ Customs software is not for resale unless a specific license is purchased for the specific software.
7. Sale of BERTZ Customs software without a license will result in prosecution where the distribution license fee will be perused. (£920) 
8. Any dispute with your order is to be handled directly with BERTZ Customs or with use of a qualified legal representative.
9. Posting negative comments on social media sites may result in your order being put on hold while we seek advice/ gain information.
10.Communications with BERTZ Customs regarding your order is to be done through email, or by sending a message via the Facebook page.
11. Any hostility via any form of communication may result in you being asked to use a specific form of communication only.
12. Any further harassment after this point (11.) may result in you being blocked and banned on all platforms, at this point you will be sent a letter in writing.
13. Updates are sent out from the store via email, your order status can be checked at anytime and are updated on a 6 hourly basis on working days. 
14. We aim to have all stock item orders dispatched within a maximum of 14 working days, bespoke custom items may take longer.
15. We cannot be liable for delay due to late delivery of stock required for orders.
16. Refunds for orders including custom goods that exceed 28 days are given in the form of a digital credit note issued via email.
  16.1 Cost for supplies of stock is non-refundable unless covered under money back                   guarantee of the supplier.
17. Software even with lifetime warranty is a non returnable item due to the digital nature of the product. The software will be modified to suit and any postage costs covered by the customer unless stated otherwise during sale.
18. Software can only be modified to within the boundaries of the hardware and software being worked on, any physical issue with the vehicle  that is not within the limits of the work being done cannot be used as a reason for return/refund.
19. Facebook Page operation hours are 10am-6pm Monday- Saturday.
20. Complaints are to be made via email or in writing, complaints made publicly on social media may result in any aftercare privileges being removed.

Updates on orders are to be found by searching via email in the shopping bag, we do not offer a personal 24hr update service via facebook. Please respect that there are many orders being processed at once and answering constant update requests only holds up orders for everyone else, please do not take it personally if we do not reply right away.

We have invested a lot of effort and funds in to the BERTZ Customs Store and email service, any update in the progression of your order is given instantly via email, this is so you can find all the answers you need in one place but also to help make us more efficient and able to provide a better service. 

If you have any quires about anything listed above or you feel we may have missed something,please contact us before making your order.



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